Chapter 2: A more proper introduction.


So lets backtrack. You probably just think Morty is a crazy alcoholic bum who talks to his clothes, is stalked by dogs and has a demasculating job in a shithole midwestern town. Thats only part of it.


For most of his life, Morty had just been a blank. A statistic that seemingly only existed on paper. He had not kept up with his family, had moved out from some even smaller shithole town named “Courage Falls,” Minnesota. He had no friends through work and no social life. He was a nameless face and voiceless body. His comments were unremarkable and had no opinions even if the issue was forced. He lived on white bread and coca-cola, watched what the TV showed, listened to what the radio played.


A blank.


His life was so utterly unremarkable, that anything but the recent details could be fraudulent or interchanged with anyone else’s life, so long that it was not interesting enough to discuss.


But, like all puny humans in Western society, Morty’s unremarkable life had left him feeling empty, and like everyone else, he filled it with products and advertising: endlessly consuming the nothing he was steeped in while sitting in the isolation of the others around him.


He tried to keep a clean apartment, and tried to be well-dressed. He tried to be at work on time, and tried to be polite. He tried to act like people on TV, he tried to talk like a radio announcer.


Morty tried.


His constant disconnect with people kept him craving for substance, and his unquestioning acceptance of everything presented kept him dissatisfied.


Bereft of direction and with his exposure limited to the fluff of pop culture, his moral directions were consistent with the most obvious sitcom pap, and while naturally disjointed from the caricatures on TV, he had no other contemporary role model, so his emulations were stifled and awkward. He was unable to be himself, because his personality was undefined.


And thats how Morty was.


So what happened?



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