Chapter 21: The Power of Positive Real Estate.


Morty fled his job, and the scene of the assault, and walked quickly in the opposite direction of the customer. He didnt recognize them, and Dale didnt know much about Morty’s personal life, but he could still be tracked down. It was a small town, after all.


Morty kept down the streets and tried to not look too suspicious, but did not want to go home, in case the police were called. He really wanted to avoid that confrontation. He turned off of the path back to his place, and began walking toward the library. He hadn’t heard any police sirens, or screaming. Maybe the man would just forget about it, or maybe he was so terrified, it being a small town, that word would get back and they would be susceptible to vengeance.


He made it into the library, and noticed that there was a seminar scheduled that day. There was a sign that read ‘The Power of Positive Real Estate.’


Morty slipped through the door, and found a seat in the back. The seminar had not started yet, and people were just taking their seats and assessing the rest of the audience.


Morty didnt really know what this was about, but there was something in the back of his mind telling him that he should try persuing real estate, that there was something fulfilling that he had not encountered in the flowersmithing business.


He used his ungloved hands to feel his smooth, indestructible face, then looked down. He was still wearing the apron, persistently dirty and that was sticking out. He quickly excused himself, went to the bathroom, and stuffed the apron into the garbage can.


He slinked back into the seminar, and chose a different seat. Being dressed in his fancy suit, he managed to blend in better to the semi-formal crowd.


Ten minutes passed, and he was still staring at the stage. There had been some bustling around, new people entering and finding their seats. Then, the lights slowly dimmed, and a lone spotlight shone in the center of the stage.


It was a small room, a multi-purpose type room in a public building that had been arranged by a private corporation trying to spread goodwill through real estate. The room itself could not have held more than 100 people, and it was not a packed house. Morty looked around, but did not recognize anyone, and had apparently missed the flyer given out earlier explaining the purpose and mission statement of the group.


A small man in a very fancy suit walked out into the light, standing in front of the podium and speaking into the microphones.


“Hello! Hello Courage Falls, Hello Minnesota!”


The man paused for the scattered applause.


“I am here today to tell you about something. Its a personal experience, it changed my life.


“Ten years ago, I was a mess, I was overweight, under-employed and friendless. I had no money, no future, I hated my job, and was beginning to think the world was hopeless. I had wrecked my credit, and my ex-wife was just then filing for divorce.


“Yes, things looked black for me, but then I discovered something. I discovered mastery of my own discontent. I learned how to make business deals, and how to spot opportunities, where before I just found misery.


“I found a new way of life, and more importantly, a new way of thinking. A positive way of thinking. And I used it to sell real estate!


“And thats why I am here today, I want to share these secrets with you, I want you to be able to think positively , and feel better about yourselves. I want you to be the success that you can make yourselves. I want you to be better people through Real Estate!”


He held his arms up, as though declaring a mutual victory, he mugged and posed, and waited for the applause to burst through the silence.


Again it was scattered, he reacted as though the house was coming down.


“Yeah, thats more like, it right? Huh? C’mon people, you shouldnt just be applauding for me, its all about you guys! C’mon! Lets feel that positivity!”


Morty was enthralled. He saw the man, standing, like he saw himself in his dream. He saw him simply gesture and receive applause, it seemed as though he had a power over people that was just given to him.


Morty knew he had to figure out how to do this.


He was a little too excited to listen properly to the rest of the seminar, but it was uninteresting, it mostly involved buying a series of books on tape and running yourlsef into debt by lying on loan application forms. Unlike many other slick real estate scams, this one was very direct with how it defrauded people, they just didnt give the details, saving them for the books, or the audio books for the illiterate scheming future real estate mogul.


Morty sat there, his mind reeling with new ideas, new potential. He had found his calling, perhaps? Something about the phrase ‘real estate’ seemed so right. He started thinking of ways he could have his own seminar. What he would like to tell the people who came to his seminar. A myriad of myriads would really be the best way to describe this because Morty was just so fucking inspired. Somewhere between the mind breakdown, the pointless assault, the immediate descent into alcoholism, and probably some other weird shit that I have forgotten about writing while I was doing this because I have been completely fucking shit hammered through writing this whole fucking thing.


If that makes sense.


Yep, so thats what Morty was doing. He was sitting in a dark room, rubbing his smooth indestructible face in his fancy suit, he was smiling his shiniy smile so shiniliy now that he was practically lighting up the room. Occasionally, he would catch an ovation and clap along out of instinct, but the details of the presentation had long since bypassed his ears.


Morty’s fists were sweating, his lip was trembling, he was breathing heavily. The time at Dale’s had already flickered from his memory, he had slipped into the real estate mentalitiy like a square peg in a square hole in a really easy childerns puzzle. It was fucking right. Morty was finally doing something that he wanted to.


Or, at least he now wanted to get on the path to doing something he wanted. Something that was right. And what could be more right than real estate?


“And that!” the little man in the suit said sharply, bringing Morty back down to earth, “that! is the overview, that is the plan that will make you think more positively about yourselves. When you have achieved the positivity, with the emphasis on real estate while actioning your positivness matricies, you will suddenly find you are more knowledgeable, and more authentic in terms of selling real estate. You will be able to do it all!




The rest of the crowd stood up, clapping, and Morty followed suit. He felt energized, he felt that this had suddenly tied off the loose ends and opened doors he had never imagined.


And then he began to think about the last time he heard about a real estate seminar.


“Wasn’t …” he throught “…wasn’t that the same athlete on the electrolysis flyer? Whats been happening to me …”


Morty was feeling to enlightened to be pulled down, but he began to wonder what kind of power could cause such a disrupting effect on such a seemingly normal person.


What indeed.



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