Chapter 17: One stands alone.


Morty kept his stumbling through the alleys, unaware of the flocks of weasels, the survivalists and the grubby teenage urchins all keeping to themselves. As the sun continued to set, and the heat dissipated, Morty began to come to his senses. The constant sun had left him hungover with dehydration. The clincher was the realization that his hair had become matted and stiff.



Morty had been unblissfully unaware of the world. Stumbling through the madness, he did not see the chaos around him. He stumbled through the fields, oblivious to the shrieking rats, using their sonic sound to tell each other where they were. He stumbled through the back alleys, watching the homeless on their errant rat hunting.


And finally as his mind started to clear, he recognized a small park near the back alley of his apartment. He stumbled towards that and heard a low rumble. He looked over and saw Alouicious. This was their first encounted, so Morty tried to look innocuous while the dog bounded around him.


Alouicious was not a smart dog, but could at least recognize a mark when he saw one. He skittered and lept in a moving circle around Morty and waved his head around sniffing aimlessly.


Alouicious was a street dog and didnt have a good sense of people boundaries. He finsihed the circle and drove his nose straight toward Morty’s crotch. Dogs do that for some reason, especially if you are unabathed and have been stumbling around in a sweaty suit for an undertermined amount of time.


Morty naturally dodged away, he backed up and his heel tripped over the body of a derelict fighting with a rat fighting with a weasel.


“Gosh, this is an awefully weird situations!” though Morty.


Fortunately, Alouicious also lost his footing on the vagrant and Morty regained his footing. He quickly regained his footing and hot-footed it back to his home.


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