Chapter 12: Lizard sense.

In the beginning, when we were all still lizards, we began the inklings of what we would call body language. As we grew into more habitable environments and lost most of our natural weapons, we decided to band together into societies. As our scales refined, and our eyes lost their red, we kept the same singnals: gnashing our teeth, spitting venom in the faces of our enemies. This is the basis of society, catering the violent urges of the lizard brain.

Modern evolutionary theory is lacking because it does not pay homage or diginity to the reptillian stage of mammal development. The reptiles are responsible for many of our truly salient features: survival instinct, habitability, routine. Changing colors, eating bugs. These things we have willingly shunted in this modern era because of the unwritten rule of the modern world: We are not reptiles.

In fact this is really a conspiracy by the western ruling class, particularly in countries with historical royalty or have families of politicians. They are, in fact, pureblood descendents of the overlord lizards. They have retained their color changing ability to retain In the great lizard uprising in prehistoric societies, one of the excerpts of the treaties were that the overlord lizards would be inbred into retardation. You can find these to this day in Asia, the Monitor Lizards, Kimodo Dragons, they are the inbred cousins of the people who rule the world.

As they ran early society for thousands of years, they kept amongst themselves, but maintained a diversity through egg trading during insemination season: each lizard would exchange and fertilize one of each other ruling families eggs, so there was a constant cross-mix. The plebian types were kept separate, but not nearly as pure. Given their lizardly mastery of adaptation, they began to evolve on a separate path, gaining emotional competence, and soft, flabby skin.

This was in part a guided evolution, as the overlord lizards preferred to eat the soft flesh of a common lizard because it felt less like cannibalism, and more like slave-murder, with a hint of cannibalism.

When the numbers of soft, pasty lizards outgrew the grip of the overlord lizards, they rose up and made some Monitor Lizard making cages, but a small faction escaped the retardation, and scattered into the wild.

Having grown highly dependent on the now revolutionary and disorganized society, they found themselves unable to be separate, so they stayed on the outskirts of the now widespread diaspora of what would become common people.

The overlord lizards had to resurrect the lost art of lizardry, they did target practice with their venom, strengthened their camoflage, and used their fork tongues to manipulate whatever languages they could afford to learn. They lived in attics and on rooftops, in wells and shrubberies, and continued to adapt. Their contempt of the common people, and their ability to disguise themselves, made them excellent spies, and they gained the parlance and demeanor of the common leaders. They began to approach them as visions in their dreams, being contrary advisors. They would warn the leaders against policies and use their visage as a warning of the old times. This in turn would cause such a visceral reaction that the leaders would immediately move against it, often to the pain of their people. The people then grew distrustful of politics, distrustful of power.

Connivingly, the remaining overloard lizards, now well schooled in their trickery, had managed to change their appearance to be passable as commoners, and attacked the society from all possible angles.

Some planted revolutionary ideas among the people. Having been a victim previously, they were well equipped to sort out the people who were capable of such things regardless of their situations. Others architected strange coincidences to become aquainted with, and then befriend another familiy. Having spied on their personal affairs for years, this posed little problem. Other preferred to live as ghosts, to manipulate their target as a puppet. As each moved in, and got accepted by society, they were able to refer other overlord-lizards-in-disguise to each other, and soon were well represented in all areas of the fledgling society.

As their influence grew, so did their lust for more power. Friends became partners, and partners would disappear. Through plotting, manipulation, and assassination, the leaders disappeared and were replaced by the now trusted overlord-lizards-in-disguise.

In a final masterstroke, the lizards staged a scandal between themselves, and separated, each leaving in a separate direction, and taking their share of the common people they could convince to come with them. As they filed off, each group settled around their new-found leader and did as he asked. They had followed through two revolutions, and were now in the servitude of the same people they had rebelled against.

As these packs of lizards and people gathered, the question of aristocracy had been settled, no one discussed the old ways, and the lizards kept up a low hostility towards each other society, which could easily be flared to war. In truth, though, the lizards still had to keep contact, because they could no longer interbreed with people.

Which is why they killed princess Di.

In fact, there is not much genetic difference between people and the ruling class overlord-lizards, just enough to make it infertile. Also, those people still lay eggs.

Which is why the people who are in power stay in power. Which is why those same people seem to despise the common folk. which his why evolution that says we are mammals does not honor the lizard heritage and our painful past.

Our instincts are lizards. Our body language is lizard. Our spirit is rebellion.

With this basis we could break from the lizard and become mammals, which are cool because lizards dont have tits. The tits part of the brain is totally mammal. The shepherds of society lack our best interests, we, as mammals, as puny humans, must resist the indoctrination of the overlord lizards, and their inbred Monitor Lizard cousins.

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