Chapter 11: Lets try that again.

Morty found himself awake again. He had landed, indestructible face first into the metal seal of the doorway of the plastic bathroom. He took a deep breath and pulled himself up.


“Golly, we are having a baaaa-aaad day!”


His face may have been indestructible, but his skin could still crease. There was a solid line across the length of his forehead where it had been pressed into the doorframe. Morty pushed himself to his feet, and felt the cramp where he had hit himself. His vision was still blurred, and he staggered back towards his bed and lay face down.


And there was a knock at the door.


Morty was a corpse. He was bleached, burnt, scalded, and had run into sharp metal corners from multiple angles. And that doesnt even explain what he didnt remember doing. Let alone falling through the window on his face.


He lay there, but the door kept knocking.

“I should be at work”


He could hear a muffled voice with the knocking.


“An unanswered door is like an unopened present on Christmas Day,” Morty thought to himself.


He grabbed the ground with his hand and pulled himself off the bed onto his knees. He struggled to pull himself together; then, lurching he made his way past the lone TV and into the narrow corridor that housed the kitchen and the doorway to the one-piece bathroom. The kitchen had been built into a recess into the foyer to accommodate the bathrooms of neighboring apparentments. All the plumbing ran through two pipes, the in pipe and the out pipe. In order to build more aparements effectively, the Bathrom and Construction Conglomeration designed the plumbing with minimum distance measurements on the inputs and outputs, so Mortys tap water was visibly connected to the same pipe that filled his neighbors toilet. Morty guess it was probably the same for his, except that he lived in the basement.


“Just how the world is, I guess” Morty would say to himself.


As he approached the door, the knocking stopped, and he heard a key rattling. Suddenly the door burst in, smacking Morty in ear and knocking him off his balance.


“Morty!? MORTY!?” It was Mrs. Pansllaro, she looked dumbly across the room, not noticing that she had just knocked him out.


“IT SATURDAYS!” She gummed.


Morty lay writhing at her feet,quivering, his vision turning to black. The last thing he heard was the door closing.


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